Building Your Team

author Mike Haines March 2017

Imagine delivering your key business messages via regular blog posts such as these? 

All seem too hard - well...

Can you see me reading from a teleprompter? 

Would you believe that I was no-where near the scene in the background when I recorded this?

It may not be quite as hard as you think!

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The right people can help your business soar but how do you attract, identify and recruit them?

In this 2 part series I share my experience in this area.

(Part 1 available now, part 2 coming soon).

2. Sound Quality

Sound is as important as and some even argue more important than the visual aspects of your production. Tinny sound full of hiss and crackle is hard to listen to and can destroy the impact of even the best footage. 

In The Zone

author Mike Haines May 2017

of all the areas that video production take me to, projects that challenge my creative side are those that I enjoy the best.

After seeing some of the video productions our large competitors were pumping out I decided that we needed to make something a little different than the normal 'behind the scenes' cooking style video in our sister business Meals4U.

So - for several weeks I watched and looked for inspiration, took notes and finally hatched a plan.

This is the result and without revealing too many trade secrets I can tell you that I nearly baked a GoPro, Dawn banged her head on an overhead mirror (watch the footage shake a little) and the scene with the self peeling swede took about 20 takes!

Thanks to my loving wife who puts up with my sometimes crazy ideas and makes it all so possible in her cherished kitchen :-)


Green Screen Making Things Easier

author Mike Haines late May 2017

3. Your Video Thumbnail

Should be irresistible as it's often the very first thing that your audience are going to see. It should captivate interest, represent the content therein and above all else cause the play button to be Clicked. Consider that in many cases your video thumbnail maybe lined up amongst 100s of others.  


4. Your Content Is Irrelevant

Your content needs to be relevant to the intended audience.

In your mind picture your ideal customer and use their name in your thinking processes. What car does Jayne drive? Does Jayne have kids? Where does Jayne live? Why does Jayne already buy your product? What will make Jayne buy more of what you sell or service? What will make Jayne talk about you to her family and friends? What does Jayne value?

Design your video content for Jayne and if you are talking on the video speak as though you are taking directly to Jayne.


The 5 Classic Mistakes Of Video Production and Marketing

author Mike Haines January 2017

​​We Shoot & Produce Video

1. The length of your video

you love what you do and like anyone bubbling over with enthusiasm you'll want to cover everything. The fact is the vast majority of the people watching your video wont get to the end of it unless it's short, you have announced a 'hook' to incentivise your viewers to watch your complete production or your topic is riveting. Recent videos that have yielded the best return for our sister business Meals4U - have both been short. The Eggnog video caused us to sell out and the Spring In Store Offers caused a spike in our shop sale revenues.

do you have an idea you'd like to hatch? Let's chat.

now that I have told you you'll know that I'm not actually in the kitchen at all for this shoot. In fact I'm being shot from my home studio.

Green Screen opens up so many possibilities for professional productions that represent great value for money due to their simple setup..

If you operate a business on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane and are looking to shoot a video I'd be happy to chat.

5. Poor Lighting

It does sound quite obvious but you do need to be seen. Poor lighting can negate the impact of a great video and there have been times when I have kicked myself for trying to shoot without a pro lighting kit. Don't underestimate the power of well lit footage - once you have gotten used to it you'll wonder how you ever shot without it.